To get the ball rolling on a train of thoughts 

Running amuck in my head 

Night of the Living Dead – is how society looks to me 

Not a glimmer of a hope for changing the world  

Reality sinks in.  

Fuck being entertained  

We are forced to taste the pain   

Never retreat  

Take to flight or  

the street. 

Pull away from that store bought dose of reality which is in fact a far cry from reality based. Let us not dwell on the way things have been – through time and space – the so called human race – a fucking disgrace – in too many ways to name.  

Would be vehicles of change have sold out to the all mighty dollar long before my time. I’ve  caught wind of the pseudo-intellectual smoke blowing sessions and circle jerks and quite frankly , I’m not impressed.   

Stop blowing your status quo smoke up my ass – I don’t like the way it feels. The Majority rules. The majority of rules are meant to be broken – even if just for the sake of breaking them.  

Go ahead and fuck up just to see how it feels. At least you are feeling something – too many people are comfortably numb. A song has to be sung, a dance has to be danced a play must be played. Performance lets you know you are alive, it doesn’t take training, there is no wrong way to do it – just stand up – and do, something. Fuck getting it right. Or does your value system value the system?  

Smoke marijuana occasionally. Loosen up America. Get a blow job – Give a blow job!  

Welcome to the post-post apocalypse honey! Sit and Spin! Hard and Fast! 

I stand at the cutting edge that will lend to performance – adding yet another element of creative potential. I am invested in time spent cultivating the new generation of that which is NOW: socially relevant, insidious, and technologically enhanced. I believe this allows us Artists to have a fair chance… to thrive…as a species.


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